About Boardbird


Boardbird is a female artist with many skills, and she has a sole trade business that’s been up and running for over a decade now. The studio of Boardbird is located in Enskede, close to Stockholm, Sweden and the business have VAT registration.

Skills and Competences

Boardbird has many skills with a background that mainly concerns sculpting and molding even though Boardbird is working in various materials, as with mixed media. Therefore she uses nearly any material, for example doing metal work. However, Boardbird is not just mastering various ways of sculpting, painting, and photography as both conclude analog and digital, she is as well mastering filming and editing. Therefore, additional skills program wise within Boardbirds practice involves Photoshop, ProCreate, Premier and Final Cut to mention some. Further more, in terms of working with stage and scene performances, Boardbird holds a technician certificate that includes several scene technician certificates, for example rig 1 and 2.

Former Partners in Selection

Boardbird have been working with a broad range of partners of equal importance. Some of these are: TV4, TV5, Nordiska Kompaniet, Illusionist Axel Adlercreutz, JoAnn Tann Studio, Look Studio, Stockholms Konstnärliga Högskola, Armstrong Film, Elk Production, Most Film, Popcore Film, Acne Film, Direktörn och Fabrikörn.


Ongoing – PhD studies in Science of Education, Pedagogy at Department of Education, Uppsala University. 2017 –
Master degree in Science of Education. Umeå University. 2016
Bachelor degree in Science of Education. Stockholm University. 2015
Propmaking Nordic School of Set Design. Luleå Technical University 2009–2011
Idun Lovén: Painting 2006
Idun Lovén: Sculpure 2005–2005
Birkgagårdens Konstskola. 2003–2004

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